Recent updates to Jet Reports helped BC customers see a 75% increase in performance. Below are the details on these product updates:

Jet Reports version 23.3 is now available – strengthening performance reliability, delivering a more intuitive user experience, and expands technical capabilities.
Highlights include:

    • Batch Function Execution Restoration
    • Alphabetical Company Listing
    • Jet Hub SQL Server 2022 Support

Performance Improvements

Batch Function Execution Restoration

Delivering improved and more reliable performance, Batch Function Execution Restoration condenses the number of API calls specific queries send to source ERP systems. By reducing the number of API calls, users can expect a reduction in execution errors and performance issues when performing batch function executions.

UI Updates

Jet Reports Logos

Jet Reports logos have been updated, delivering a consistent experience between the
insightsoftware platform UI and internal Jet Reports application branding.

Jet add-in Ribbon

The Jet add-in ribbon has been renamed to Jet Reports for consistent terminology across the

User Experience Enhancements

Alphabetical Company Listing

Making the user experience more intuitive and easing the burden of finding companies within
the Jet Reports Ribbon, companies are now listed in alphabetical order within the company list
drop down.


Jet Reports alphabetical listing

Technical Enhancements

Jet Hub SQL Server 2022 Support

Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 Wave 1 release officially supports SQL Server 2022. To
ensure Jet Reports users can take advantage of this, Jet Hub now supports SQL Server 2022,
expanding the compatible servers available for customers to host Jet Hub.

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