Take your vendor payment processes up a notch with enhanced efficiency using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and ebs-plus. In this blog, we’ll delve into emailing and printing vendor remittance advices, showcasing how to streamline your workflow for optimal results. Unlock the full potential of Business Central’s features for a more efficient and organised vendor payment experience.

Emailing & Printing Vendor Remittance Advices

After paying a vendor, you can send out a remittance advice from Business Central. As part of ebs-plus, this can be emailed automatically once the payment run is completed and posted. The remittances can also be emailed or printed at any time as required.

Vendor Card Setup

To ensure a vendor is set up to receive their remittances via email, on the Vendor Card enter the vendor’s email address in the Remittance e-mail field and turn on the e-mail Remittance option. These 2 fields are both part of ebs-plus and will not appear in standard Business Central.

Remittances can be emailed out to multiple recipients if required. Enter each email address in the Remittance e-mail field, separated by a semicolon.

Automatically sending remittances after posting the Payment Run

As part of ebs-plus, once the payment run is completed and posted, Business Central can automatically email out remittances for those vendors marked to receive them via email on their vendor card. To set this up, make sure the Send Remittance field is marked on the relevant payment batches on the Payment Journal page.

If the above field is not visible on the page, navigate to the ebs-plus Setup page, and then turn on the option Enable Auto e-mail Remittance.

Once the Send Remittance field is marked on the payment batch, prepare the payment run as usual. When finalising the payment run, after selecting Post, the below message will appear asking if you would like to email Vendor Remittances after posting. If you select Yes, remittances will automatically be emailed out of BC.

Emailing Remittances

To email remittances at any time, search for e-mail Remittance (ebs-plus). Filter by Vendor No. and Posting Date to email remittances to a particular vendor, otherwise filter by Document No. and enter the document no. of the payment batch to email all vendors in that payment run. Select OK to send the email/s.

To check if remittances were emailed successfully from Business Central, search for Communicator Log (ebs-plus). This will show details such as the date and time sent, the recipient email address and the user who sent the emails.

Printing Remittances

To print a hard copy of a remittance or to view it on the screen, search for Vendor Remittance Advice (ebs-plus). Filter by the Posting Date of the payment and/or by Vendor No. or Document No. if required. If you only wish to print/view Remittances for those Vendors not marked to receive remittances via email on their Vendor Card, then select the Print Hard Copy Only. If you want to print/view Remittances for all Vendors, then leave this option turned off.

From this screen, you can Send to…, PDF, Print or Preview.

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