In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there is a helpful feature that when enabled, links the document date to the posting date. In this blog we look at how it works:

Document Date: This is the date associated with a transaction, such as when you send an invoice to a customer or receive an invoice from a vendor. It reflects the actual event date.

Posting Date: The posting date, indicates when a document was registered in Business Central. It’s the date used for financial calculations, including finance charges and the amount due.

Linking Document Date to Posting Date: When you enable the “Link Doc. Date to Posting Date” option in the Sales & Receivables Setup and Purchases & Payables SetupBusiness Central ensures that the document date aligns with the posting date.

By turning on this feature, the document date will be validated with the same value as the posting date. This synchronization helps maintain accuracy in financial calculations and reporting.

Remember that this setting doesn’t impact sales or purchase journals. By linking these dates, you streamline your content management workflow and enhance efficiency in your financial processes.


linking document date to match posting date

Linking the document date to the posting date can be turned ON in the Sales & Receivables Setup and Purchase & Payables Setup

Once turned on, the date will be synchronised.

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