Allow me to introduce you to Stephanie, our HR manager. She is a fascinating individual with a diverse range of interests and experiences. Let’s delve into her world:

  1. All-time Favorite TV Show: Stephanie is an avid TV watcher, and choosing a favourite show is no easy task. However, she settles on “Succession” as her top pick.
  2. Early Bird or Night Owl?: Stephanie is definitely an early bird. Mornings are her time to shine.
  3. Pizza Preferences: When it comes to pizza, Stephanie’s standard order is vegetarian with a twist: she adds salami for that extra flavour kick.
  4. Musical Adventures: The last music concert Stephanie attended featured the delightful kid’s band, Teeny Tiny Stevies. Their catchy tunes left a lasting impression.
  5. Favourite Quote: Stephanie lives by the motto: “Always look on the bright side of life.” It’s a reminder to find joy even in challenging moments.
  6. Furry Companions: Stephanie is both a cat and dog lover. She shares her home with a beautiful Birman cat named Frankie, whose striking blue eyes pay homage to the legendary Frank Sinatra.
  7. Caffeine Fix: Stephanie’s go-to beverage is a comforting flat white, whether it’s morning or afternoon.
  8. Seasonal Sips: In summer, she enjoys a refreshing G&T, while winter calls for a cozy flat white.
  9. Walking Enthusiast: Stephanie prefers walking over running.
  10. Signature Dish: Stephanie’s culinary claim to fame is her delicious Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s a crowd-pleaser every time.
  11. Adventurous Spirit: Did you know Stephanie has been skydiving in New Zealand? Talk about an adrenaline rush!
  12. Childhood Dreams: As a kid, Stephanie aspired to be a writer. Her imagination knew no bounds.
  13. Nicknames: Friends affectionately call her Steph.
  14. Taste Preferences: Stephanie leans toward the savoury side, bypassing sweet treats for more robust flavours.
  15. Essential Condiment: Tomato relish is a must-have in Stephanie’s kitchen.
  16. Memorable Travels: Italy holds a special place in Stephanie’s heart.
  17. Admiration: Stephanie greatly admires her husband.
  18. Bucket List Destination: Japan.
  19. Advice to Her Younger Self: Stephanie would tell her 15-year-old self, “Nobody else knows what they are doing either!” It’s a comforting thought.
  20. Core Values: Respect and honesty are paramount to Stephanie. They guide her interactions and choices.
  21. EBS Resonance: Among EBS values, ethics and passion strike a chord with Stephanie. You can have fun and enjoy doing the right thing.

Stephanie’s journey is a tapestry of experiences, passions, and wisdom. We give her a warm welcome to the team!

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