The Microsoft Dynamics Anywhere Framework (DAW) for Dynamics NAV provides an integrated and reliable framework for creating real-time Enterprise Mobile Applications.

All Microsoft Dynamics NAV functions can be easily made available on any mobile device that has a web browser (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile etc). This fully integrated model via web services means that the business logic of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is carried through seamlessly from the back end system to the DAW (mobile solution).

What this means is that the mobile device and applications used in the field use the business rules and logic from the back end Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. You can be assured that validations; security; client codes and terms etc flow through from your back end systems.

All the screens and processes are designed within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This means the DAW can be easily tailored to your specific needs.

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Out of the box, the DAW comes with three solutions:

NAV anywhere – Logistics

A solution offering mobile processes to support your warehouse operations.

NAV Anywhere – Sales

A mobile solution that supports field sales processes with an order management system.

NAV Anywhere – Service

A solution covering the mobile processes related to field service operation.

Here is an example of the customer information screen:

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