Whilst many businesses have struggled in their pivot to become a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Partner, Evolution Business Systems (EBS) has embraced the change, and has walked the talk of ‘business as usual’, implementing five new clients to Dynamics 365 Business Central and helped three clients on Dynamics NAV upgrade to the platform. 

Before the pandemic hit, EBS held a traditional approach to customer implementations to deliver services on-site. With the change in business processes requiring services to be delivered remotely, this was not the standard delivery model for the business.  

Jonathan Martin COO was optimistic about the change in circumstances explaining, “Our processes were well setup to ensure that it was business as usual for clients. Our business already operated in the cloud, so for staff to work remotely posed little change for them in terms of day to day work. Our reliance on Microsoft Teams communication platform to collaborate both internally and externally was essential to ensure that the team could continue to function together. Our clients that were scheduled for implementations came on the journey with us – it was a departure from the norm with regards to the face to face delivery, but our proven process for delivery has not altered.” 

For community health provider, Gippsland Lakes Complete Health, the timing of their implementation Go Live resulted in an online delivery rather than face to face.  Finance Officer, Joanne Jones said, “One thing we were sceptical on, was when we couldn’t have the consultants onsite for ‘Go Live’ due to COVID-19 restrictions. We were worried this was going to be a risk to us, but we all survived, and that’s due to EBS’s support at the other end and our tenacity to making the best of the situation.”   

In the past four months EBS have delivered new implementations and upgrade projects of Business Central to not only GLCH but also Auston Australia, cohealth Community Health Service, Housing First, Inspiro Community Health Service, Melba Support Services and Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation.  

Narelle Lowe, Finance Manager Corporate Services at the Australian Childhood Foundation, implemented Business Central in February 2020. Within the space of a month, the COVID-19 pandemic placed restrictions on working in the office. When asked how this transition was for their finance team using Business Central, now having to transition to working from home Ms Lowe reflected, “It’s been seamless. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can use it anywhere. Business Central will allow us to apply more flexibility into the future – one day at the office, then the next day at home and there’s no change.”

“Every day we are finding new ways to save time and improve the quality of our data input/output. There’s also so many possibilities with the potential links to other Microsoft products and apps including Power BI – we’re only just tipping the surface of what we can achieve with Business Central.  I think the potential of the system once we have the finances embedded – where we can go – will be infinite.”

Narelle Lowe
Finance Manager Corporate Services, ACF

EBS, founded in 2001, has a strong focus on delivering business management solutions to not-for-profit and corporate organisations. Business Central is an all-in-one solution enabling growing businesses to move away from legacy systems that have reached capacity in their reporting abilities and to provide streamlined processes that integrate directly into Microsoft Office 365. 

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