EBS have returned from the annual Directions Asia conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference had over 450 attendees from more than 32 countries.
The key topic of the conference is the new April 19 release of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Every 6 months a major update is released, the next planned updated is October 2019 (which will coincide with the Directions EMEA conference in Vienna). Compared to the first and second release of D365 Business Central, there has been over 350 new capabilities to the system.

Performance and reliability has been improved, and there are more keyboard shortcuts. This update will be available in Australia by mid April.

Key improvements in this latest version of Business Central:

1. Merge Duplicate Vendors/Customers
If you make a mistake and create a duplicate, there is now a tool to let you merge two records into one. The page will let you control which master data to keep. All transactions will be copied to the current vendor, and the duplicate will be removed

2. 100 character descriptions
All description and name fields have increased from 50 to 100 characters. Unit of measure description from 10 to 50 characters.
This will assist with more details on journal lines postings and integration with other systems that allow more characters

3. Time on registers
A simple change but long overdue, you can now see the creation time that an entry was posted. Previously only a date was saved. Searching by time will make it faster to find entries.

4. View payment info on the vendor statistics factbox
Now it is easy to see the last payment date made to vendors. (also available on customers)

5. View attachments on apply payments
When applying payments you can now view any attachments, to see the source invoice.

6. Ability to change description on G/L entries
If the wrong description was used during posting you no longer need to reverse the transaction, you can now simply edit the description from the general ledger entries. (Change log entries are created to audit this)

7. Greater Personalisation ability
You can now set quick entry on fields which means it will skip when using the enter key. Also you can customize menu items.

8. Inspect Page
You can ‘Zoom’ and Inspect a page to view the page and table details, and also all the field names that are available.

9. Auto Save Indicator
Something simple again, but a useful indication that the record is actually being saved, if there is an error the system will show “Not Saved”.

10. Performance improvements
There are also a number of performance improvements, in particular Posting is twice as fast and rapid start packages are two times faster also.
Scrolling on lists is also improved with load time. There is no more “fetching more rows”, you can seamlessly scroll to the end, or use Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End

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