There are two key feature application enhancements with Dimensions in the Business Central 2021 wave 1 release:

  • Dimension corrections for General Ledger Entries
  • Dimension Value filtering option

Dimension corrections for General Ledger Entries

 The Dimension codes posted against a General Ledger Entry can now be changed, added, or removed.  The enhancement allows saving time fixing up data entry mistakes without the need to fully reverse the incorrect transaction, recreating it, and posting it again with the correct dimension value.  The functionality also allows tracking the history of all the dimension corrections made.  Here is how it works: 

  1. As an example in General Ledger Entries below, we will be changing the Vendor Class Code and Dep Code dimension with a new value. Click Entry > Correction Dimensions.

2. In the New Dimension Value Code enter the new dimension values. We are changing the Dep Code from A001 to A002 and Vendor Class from NATSIG to NONSIG. 

3. Click Run. A Job Queue will be created in the background to execute the dimension update.  There is an option select Run immediately which will run the update straight away or it can be scheduled at a later time which is beneficial to avoid locking the system if huge number of G/L entries needs to be updated.  In this scenario, we will be selecting to Run immediately. 

4. To view the correction that has been made, let us go back to the General Ledger Entries page to verify that the Vendor Class and Dep Code has been changed.

5. All the dimension changes against the G/L Entry are tracked and can be viewed by clicking Entry > History of Dimension Corrections.

6. From the History of Dimension Corrections page, there is also an option to Undo the changes if required to revert to the original dimension value of the G/L Entry.

More control over Default Dimension settings

With this new feature, users can now select specific dimension value codes in the Default Dimension setup.  This way when the dimension value code is entered in the transaction, the system will only allow posting the dimension value based on the Allowed Dimension Values that was selected in the Default Dimension setup.  Please refer below to illustrate the new feature:

  1. Opening the Default Dimension setup page from a master data like Customer, Vendor, Items, G/L Account, etc. will show a new setup field called Allowed Values Filter. The Allowed Values Filter can only be selected if the Value Posting field is set to Code Mandatory.

2. In the Allowed Dimension Values page, you can select the specific Dimension Value that can only be valid when posting a transaction. In the example below, we only allowed the three dimension value codes as highlighted when posting to G/L Account 8320.

3. To test the Allow Dimension Filter setup, let us try posting a General Journal for G/L Account 8320 with a Dep Code that is not allowed based from the Default Dimension setup. When posting the transaction, an error will pop out saying the Dimension Value Code that has been entered is not allowed for the G/L Account thus giving more control to define the specific dimension values that can be used for the G/L Account.

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