June 4th 2018 marked the day when Microsoft purchased the most famous software development platform GitHub.
In this blog, I’m going to discuss what this potentially means for developers who are impacted by this acquisition.

If you’re not familiar with GitHub, it’s an online code repository that houses close to 90 million code repositories used by various people across the globe. It’s identified as a house of developers where everyone in the household can collaborate, work together, build on each other’s work and improve skillsets. It’s a virtual place where people can assess, learn and innovate other people’s work to help developers achieve their own specific goals.

Community plays a key role in today’s development world. As you’ve probably seen, every industry we’re working for is growing towards innovation and developers are already at the focal point in providing technology development across every industry. GitHub provided a way for developers to solve the challenges they face in their work by allowing them to collaborate with other developers and further improve other work in GitHub.

As Microsoft has now acquired GitHub it seems that Microsoft is interested in making their own Azure as the default cloud for developers. GitHub would still be an open source which means that GitHub will have a new steward maintaining their repositories. One can see the acquisition will enable .NET developers to integrate fully with GitHub and that Microsoft can seamlessly integrate GitHub with their powerhouse apps such as Office 365. I believe this will empower developers to be present during every stage of the development lifecycle.

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