So as the Business Central world has noticed, with software updates in particular browser updates a new, unusual issue has occurred. The currently experienced issue of floating buttons is caused by Chromium which is the underlying platform for both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. As Windows updates roll through the issue has started to emerge in Business Central.

As seen in this screenshot below, the ‘toggle’ buttons or option selectors are not where they should be on the page, this is rendering the screen unusable and effectively ‘breaking’ Business Central.

What can we do about this? As this is now an established problem and a fix is coming from Chromium (although it’s reported to be released in August) we wanted to provide a workaround to keep the system running until such time.

This simple fix is to add a CSS plugin that allows you to overwrite the inline CSS that is causing this issue, with a line of code that runs on the local browser as the pages are loading.

The steps are quite simple and go as follows:


You first need to install an Extension in your browser:

For Edge go here:


For Chrome go here:


Once there, search for an extension called ‘Stylebot’ and add the extension:

Once instsalled you may wish to also enable the ‘Allow in InPrivate’ option to cover all options.


Once installed go to the extension options as seen below and perfom one final step: 


In the Stylebot styles page select the option ‘Styles’ and click the button to ‘Add a new style’. Once there you need to do the following:


Add the URL to the ‘Enter URL…’ box


Then add the following below in the bigger area:

.booleancontrol-toggle-switch-container .edit-container .input-wrapper {display: block !important;}


The end result should look like this:

Now back to Business Central, and the page now loads as it should:

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