A lot of great enhancements have been delivered in this release, most of which are through ideas submitted from the community on the BC Ideas website. Some are available later this month, others will be released over the next few months.

Here is my pick of the best new features:

New Posted Journal Page

On each journal batch, you can choose to “Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines”, this means on posting a journal those entries will be moved to a posted general journal page for easy review. It then allows for the ability to easily “Copy Selected Lines to Journal”, which will copy lines to a target journal batch, and also give the ability to replace the date and reverse the sign (for reversals).

Business Central new posted journal page
Business Central copy general journal

Journal Error Check

This is a great new way to indicate exactly where any errors are and on what line. Previously if you are working with a large journal and try to post and receive an error “on line no. 1000400…”, that was not exactly helpful and could be hard to find!
Well now in the Factbox pane a “Journal Check” section will show you any issues. You can drill through into any issues and it will take you straight to the line in question, much easier!

Journal error check
Journal error check drill down to the issue

To turn this feature on, make sure it is enabled on the batch “Background Error Check”.

background error check should be enabled

Mobile Phone No. on Vendors/Customers

A simple, yet very useful addition, is to now add a mobile phone number. This and other details can be seen easily on purchase and sales documents.

entering mobile phone details is a simple yet helpful addition

Notifications on field changes

Currently, any high-risk fields can be monitored using change log functionality, but no alert is generated. Part of the improvements to email capabilities, allows for specified fields to be set up and tracked, notifying users by email immediately. Changing a Vendor bank account would be a good example of a field to be tracked and notifications sent immediately.

(This feature is not yet released, it will be available at the end of 2020)

email notifications on field changes

Business Central in Teams

Currently in Preview, a Business Central App can be installed in Teams. This connects Teams to the Business Central 17 data.

You can paste the link from the browser from any Business Central page, and in Teams it will expand to show a preview of that card, that can be popped out and viewed without needing to switch apps to get the answers you need.

Business Central preview in Microsoft Teams

BC Admin role

Customer admins can now access the Business Central Admin centre. Previously only a Global Admin in the clients Azure AD could access this area. Users can be assigned a “Dynamics 365 admin” role, which will allow access to the BC admin centre and all its features.

BC Admin role

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