Handy MS Dynamics NAV Shortcuts

Work faster and more efficiently in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With these keyboard hacks  – you’ll be going from zero to hero in no time! Note these shortcuts are designed for NAV and may be different when used in Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Too many to easily remember!  We’ve compiled a list of the best and most popular.  We’ve also included a description of how and why you might use them. These shortcuts are extremely useful for working in Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions 2013 – 2018.

TAB This is a simple and first choice to learn. NAV generally saves a record when you move to another field, so TAB has the benefit of moving you to the next field as well as saving the last thing you did, press it after every modification you make. (To move backwards use Shift +TAB)
F5 Clear Error, if you get an error message on the screen, pressing F5 undoes the problem and lets you carry on, I recommend F5 when you get an error, rather than trying to correct it.
F7 Statistics Screen – on a customer this will give customer statistics, item statistics from item card, purchase order from PO screen…etc This is a great shortcut.
F8 Copy the value above, this is great on journals or document lines where you want to copy the value from the cell above the one you are currently looking at.
Arrow Keys You can navigate around a NAV list or page using the left/right/up & down keys on your keyboard.
Ctrl + Insert This creates a new record, really good when creating multiple records or inserting a new line in the middle of a list.
Ctrl + Delete This deletes a record or line, pressing enter on the yes/no message that appears will select yes, nice fast method of deleting when you have a lot of clean-up to do …. Use with caution.
Ctrl + Shift + C This copies the entire row (Without the shift it just copies the cell).
Ctrl + Shift + V This pastes in the entire row, you could use the copy and paste rows to copy a journal from one batch to another or into and out of Excel for example.
Ctrl + Shift + D This opens the list of dimensions, so when you need to see the full list of dimensions against the item you looking at, this combination opens the list, and it works everywhere dimensions are used.
Shift + F4 This “looks up” to the related list, so for example if you click on the item number field on a sales order and press Shift + F4, it will open the item list (F4 without shift, gives the drop down selection which is good for selecting from and option list).
F9 Post – This can be a document or a journal.
Ctrl + E Export to Excel – Whatever you are looking at in NAV will be copied to excel for you.
Ctrl + Z This will undo what you have typed in the field you are currently in, only works while you are in the field, once you have moved it is saved, great as a quick typo fix.
Alt + F2 Show or hide fact boxes – this is a quick way to get more space on your screen, and you can add the fact boxes back with the same key combination when you need to see them.

A full list of shortcuts can be found here

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