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WMS Mobile Barcode Scanning App

Your warehouse staff will be more productive and your inventory data will be more accurate. Increaswork efficiency through a focus on task, not software, creating value for both your people and your business. The Mobile WMS is a barcode scanning app that runs on handheld computers and connects directly to your ERP business systemno conversion neededSave money and deliver better barcode reading results.

Want to make your warehouse management easier?

Use Mobile WMS to complete faster and more accurate barcode scanning workflows. Contact us to find out how we can simplify and streamline your operations.

Integrate barcode scanning

WMS is the mobile barcode scanning app that links directly to Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. It allows the warehouse staff to process orders both online and offline. Designed specifically for the end-user, it comes with a userfriendly interface and a focus on minimising “clicks” and irrelevant information. Resembling a smartphoneminimal training is requiredStaff can start scanning and registering items in the warehouse right away. Easily extended with custom functionalityMobile WMS barcode scanning app is the best solution in the marketA true turnkey solution that can be up and running in a matter of days. 

Key features and benefits of WMS Handheld Scanners


Register and control items against purchase orders. Supports expiry dates, LOT and serial numbers.

Put Away

Assign a shelf (BIN) to the
received items.


Pick items and prepare them for shipment or production as a single or consolidated orders (box picking).


Count items according to inventory journals or as unplanned counts.


Perform planned or unplanned movements of items.

Bin Content

Look-up the content of a warehouse shelf (BIN).

Locate Item

Look-up the location and quantities of an item.

Adjust Quantity

Remove items from the inventory and provide a reason code.

Item Cross Reference

Associate a barcode with an item.

Substitute Items

Look-up substitute item.


Initiate print of reports/labels from the mobile device.


Enter shipping and carrier information to speed up processing.

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Offline functionality feature

  • Core work processes can be performed without any network connection and the result is a stable solution with great performance.
  • Offline functionality only needs to communicate at the beginning and end of a work process.
  • Work can be performed without a network connection, resulting in a barcode scanning solution unaffected by a bad connection.
  • Endless offline benefits which simplify the implementation and maintenance of your WMS.
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An integrated WMS mobile

  • 100% integrated with standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV. All versions are supported.
  • Allows users access to the data stored in the ERP system and allows you to enter the data you would normally enter using the ERP client.
  • Makes few changes to the ERP system and makes the task of upgrading to work on the latest version much easier and a low risk operation.
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WMS mobile installed in 2 days

  • Mobile WMS is a true turnkey solution that can be up and running in a couple of days.
  • All Mobile WMS solutions have been built with the intention of executing a very quick and easy install allowing you to have the system  running in a matter of days and start testing in your environment as soon as possible.
  • Allows users to master the basic operations before working with the more advanced, maximising your chance for success when you enable Mobile WMS in your production environment.
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Healthcare industry solutions

  • Catering to organisations within the healthcare sector, pharmaceutical industries and large state hospitals, that have a strong focus on the needs of supply chain, procurement and inventory management.
  • Keep track of and monitor critical inventory such as medicines and materials used for surgery.
  • Features such as expiry date tracking ensure that medicines are used at the right time and save on operational costs.
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Food industry solutions

  • Customers include breweries, restaurant chains, food manufacturers and various types of organisations in food related industries.
  • Optimise warehouse operations using Mobile WMS (automated receiving and picking functions).
  • Possibilities for batch tracking, allowing for product traceability to keep track of which customers received specific groups (or shipments) of items and when they were received.
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Retail industry solutions

  • Automating retail business processes across sales order management, stock replenishment and warehouse management.
  • Improves efficiency and delivers the expected customer experience, goods from physical stores, online or combination of both and efficiently handles the flow of goods and large amounts of sales orders with various functionalities for multiple box picking.
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Wholesale industry solutions

  • WMS replaces paper with a mobile warehouse management solution, increasing efficiency and transparency, improving accuracy and reliability across the organisation.
  • Customers’ expectations are met with large assortments, fast and accurate deliveries and competitive pricing.
  • Optimise the use of resources by speeding up inbound flow of goods, optimise picking routes to ensure the right products are shipped to the right customers at the right time.
microsoft dynamics 365 australia

Distribution services & logistics

  • Mobile WMS plays an important role for our customers in the distribution and logistics services increasing efficiencies across the entire business operation.
  • Significantly reduces time in operations, reduces risk of mistakes, number of errors and always maintains an updated overview of goods’ status.
  • Ensures delivering great warehouse, hotel and logistics services for their customers and exceed services and customer expectations.
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Process manufacturing solutions

  • Different environments require specific production tools and focus on the bill-of-materials and yielded output and full traceability of production of series.
  • Process manufacturing industries range from organisations in hazardous gas, chemical and oil industries over food and beverage manufacturers to plastics manufacturers.
  • WMS for optimising warehouse processes using batch tracking, inventory and order tracking and optimised picking features.

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