At Evolution Business Systems (EBS) we have our core values: RESPECT. Every letter represents our 7 core values. In this blog I’ll be focusing on the 6th Value ‘C’ which represents COMMUNICATION and my experience with EBS.

I joined EBS over a year ago and one thing that surprised me in particular were the Sprint Calls we have every morning with the project and management team. To give you some background, a Sprint Call is a conference call we all dial into discussing our current projects and tasks we’re all working on (individually and as a team) and any concerns we may have (and chats exchanging current weather and traffic conditions, sharing stories about recent events) and water cooler chats.

Our Sprint Calls are scheduled every morning, yes you read correctly, EVERY MORNING, and everyone in the projects and delivery team dial in, regardless if we’re in transit, interstate, on our way to visit a client or in the office.

Before my first Sprint Call I was overwhelmed, I was wondering to myself “what if I don’t have anything to report? what do I do next? how much or how little should I discuss?.” In my previous workplace we only submitted basic daily reports and nothing more. However, I realised pretty quickly during my first Sprint Call, this wasn’t only just a way for us to report the progress of the projects, it was to keep the communication lines open and ensure we’re all on the same page with projects, share our ideas and a great tool to maintain transparency and improve our communication with each other and keeping all our fingers on the EBS pulse every day, no matter where you are.

There was a day we had a glitch in the system and unable to have our morning ritual Sprint Call which felt strange, as though something was missing (similar feeling if you don’t have your morning coffee, or forget your phone at home). If anything, the realization of how important the sprint calls are to all of us to collaborate, connect, and have our team huddle is a great way to start the day.

EBS values communication within the team, which is why we have our Sprint Call every day. The Communication in RESPECT is not just an exchange of information, rather a connection between us, creating and strengthening the bond we all have within the EBS team.

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