Jonathan Martin supports Genes for Jeans DayEBS has had a long history with supporting the local community through various events and fundraisers. So, when the opportunity came up to sponsor a team at the Steigen #1 Spectacular, our COO, Jonathan Martin was excited to be involved.  As a runner himself, he is a firm believer in giving back to the community as part of our values-driven culture.


What sets the event apart from other running events is that each race acts as an elimination for the next, as the distances lessen and the races get faster. Our journey as a team sponsor in this unique event line-up is bolstered even more with standout coach Jack Rayner. Jack is currently one of Australia’s top marathon runners and was a pacemaker in the 1:59 Challenge.


With the team now drafted, chosen by Jack, we welcome to Team EBS:

  • Natalie RuleJack Rayner is coach for Team EBS at the Steigen #1 Spectacular
  • Calli Thackery
  • Daniel Hamilton
  • Jake Stevens
  • Matthew Tonge
  • Victoria Skaltsonis
  • Isabelle Gerardi
  • Liam Werrett

In sponsoring a sports event it can be hard to draw a direct link to business management software. However, as a team we do support each other through internal activities that promote health and wellbeing. One of these is our weekly ‘Boot Camp’ at the gym where we all go over the road to train and then come back to the office for a health ‘picnic’ lunch of chicken and salad. It might sound like one of those nice office perks, but at EBS there’s more to it than that. Since having implemented the weekly training in 2018, the number of sick days by staff members has dropped 17%. When working in a small team  this significant amount. Overall, people have anecdotally said they feel better for having weekly gym training and have lost weight as a result!

So why sponsor Steigen #1 Spectacular? Because Evolution Business Systems is #Fit4Business. With a focus on giving back to our team, our customers and the community at large. We look forward to ‘Making it Happen’ for Team EBS on Saturday 21 December.


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