In everyday life, how do you simplify things? Remove the clutter? Organise what’s left? Put things where you can get to them easily and quickly?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009’s RoleTailored hides the 90 precent of the features you don’t need to see. It promotes the actions and information that you do need, leaving you with an uncluttered window and an overview of upcoming tasks helping you prioritise your tasks, and keeping your work productive.

Business management software has simplified business processes. But the Microsoft Dynamics NAV RoleTailored approach takes this one step further; it promotes simplified processes for each individual in your company.

For example, in the Role Centre, the “Activities” tab displays each process you are involved in at that particular moment, giving you a constant overview of the work in that process.

The result; increased productivity and greater job satisfaction, while providing a positive feedback loop as an integral part of your work processes. Easy to personalise for maximum agility the benefits are clear.

You can personalise Role Centres, lists and task pages very quickly to reflect changes in staff, shifts in employee responsibilities or an expansion in your company’s activities, without having to use a member of your IT department.

You get a solution which is easy to use. It provides people with tools and information that can unleash their individual potential and, in turn, fuel new levels of business performance.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has 21 ready-made Role Centres ready for action. Because most people have more than one ‘role’ in a company, especially if it’s quite a small operation, you can combine different roles to make up each user profile, which becomes a Role a Role Centre.

The RoleTailored approach provides a positive impact on your company’s agility and each Role Centre is extremely easy to personalise, each user can personalise their own Role Centre very quickly.

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Role Centers for every role in your organisation: