I wanted to write a blog on the benefits of CustomerSource for Microsoft Dynamics customers.

CustomerSource is a password-protected site for customers using Microsoft Dynamics and related business products, provided as a benefit of a service plan. It’s available 24/7.

CustomerSource should probably be more widely used because it’s loaded with tools and information and it can help you increase efficiency and productivity.  As a start, it has many self-help resources such as Knowledge Base, technical documentation and access to online training that can be a real help.

We encourage EBS customers to use CustomerSource because it’s a great one-stop resource with access to news and information to help you maintain and get the most out of your business management solution.


Why use CustomerSource

CustomerSource is included in the cost of your software maintenance so it would be a good idea to investigate what it has to offer.

EBS customers using CustomerSource enjoy these key features:

* Access information directly from Microsoft, including a knowledge-base of the most commonly asked Microsoft Dynamics questions, troubleshooting tips  and solutions to common issues

* Share issues and insights with other users via discussion boards

* Unlimited access to hundreds of training programs via the e-learning feature

* Be proactive and improve productivity with 24-hour access to tools and self-support resources.

How do I get started with CustomerSource?

* You will need a Windows Live ID
* Contact EBS when you are ready to set up your CustomerSource account and we will happily assist you.

Watch the demo – Learn how to use CustomerSource, take a Tour of CustomerSource Features and Benefits and learn how to sign in to CustomerSource here

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