1. All-time favourite TV Show?  Lassie re-runs
2. Are you an early bird or night owl?  I love chasing all the birds
3. What’s your standard Pizza order/favourite pizza topping? Meat lovers with extra meat
4. Last music concert you attended? A Flock Of Seagulls
5. Do you have a favourite quote or saying?  “Corn’s a very good boy” and ‘Wanna go walkies”
6. Cats or dogs?  Is that a trick question?
7. Do you have any pets?  I have 2 adult humans and 3 younger humans
8. Tea or coffee? And how do you have it?  Unfortunately neither, I don’t carry any currency and can’t reach the kitchen bench
9. What’s your summer beverage and winter beverage of choice?  Water from the river. Winter brings refreshing rain puddles
10. Runner or walker?  I love them both equally
11. Favourite sport to play?  Chasing tennis balls…although I don’t think that’s an actual sport
12. Left or right handed?  I don’t have hands I’m all paws!
13. What dish are you famous for cooking?  I don’t have hands I’m all paws!
14. What’s one strange fact about you?  I’m not allowed to be in the kitchen unattended
15. What did you want to be when you were a kid?  A police dog
16. Do you have any nicknames?  Mr Corn, Monsieur Maise, Corny, Cornelius, Corn kernels, good boy, clever boy!
17. Sweet tooth or savoury tooth?  K9 tooth
18. Favourite condiment you can’t live without?  Chicken necks – is that a condiment?
19. Favourite place you’ve travelled to?  The local butcher
20. Who do you admire?  Rin-Tin-Tin
21. One place or destination on your wish list to visit?  I would love to chase tennis balls on the MCG
22. What advice would you give your 15 year-old self?  Meals come twice a day guaranteed…take your time and savour the prime cuts
23. What values are most important to you?  Loyalty
24. What EBS values resonate with you the most?  ALL of them (EPIC)

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