It’s that time again when Jono hits the pavement in preparation for his third year participating in Run Melbourne. This year Jono’s supporting a cause very close to his and the EBS teams’ heart, running and fundraising for our client beyondblue.

Training for the gruelling 21.1 km run has already begun. To date Jono has clocked 78.35 km’s in his preparation for the July half marathon. The key objective for Jono running for beyondblue is to raise money and raise awareness of the incredible work beyondblue do for mental health, reducing stigmas and discrimination across Australia.

Making a difference and contributing to the greater good for our community and backing such an important and great cause is aligned with our EBS values. Jono’s enthusiasm and dedication to fundraising and charitable contributions is something he personally feels very strongly about.“I’m inspired by the work of beyondblue and in keeping with the EBS values to make a difference in our community, I wanted to do something personally for a worthwhile charity. I wanted to support beyondblue and raise money as part of my participation in Run Melbourne 2018.”

For 18 years beyondblue have been active ambassadors educating Australians on mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Staggering statistics shows the seriousness of mental health and the affects this has on someone’s life. Anxiety and depression doesn’t discriminate and affects Australians from all walks of life, at any stage of their lives, regardless of their religion, gender and age.

Some facts to wrap your head around
– It’s estimated in Australia 45% of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime
– In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression and over 2 million have anxiety
– 1 in 4 young people experiences a mental health condition
– Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15 to 24

beyondblue play an integral role in providing information and resources to assist all Australian’s with information on recognising how depression, anxiety and suicide can affect people, provide strategies to understand what to do if they are affected by it or someone they know, in addition to providing specific needs based on their experiences and set of circumstances. beyondblue’s mission to educate and eliminate the stigma of anxiety and depression in Australia has been an incredible effort and labour of love.

This is why Jono and EBS are stroBg supporters of beyondblue and the incredible work they have, and continue to fighting this battle.

Jono’s fundraising target is $3000, please click here and get behind Jono for a worthy and life changing cause.

Every little bit helps!


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