For the past 7 years, EBS has lived and breathed into its values of RESPECT: an acronym for the values held in our organisation.   Many of our clients would be aware of these values as we as a team have held them in high as a measure of what we stand for and where we are going. However, in order to continue to grow and move forward, it became clear that many of these values were more aspirational rather than core to our business. As Brene Brown, says in her book Dare to Lead,

“At some point if everything on the list is important. Then nothing is a driver for you. It’s just a gauzy list of feel good words.”

Early in 2019, the team spent time distilling these aspirational values down to the core values that we as an organisation hold. Our main vision statement hasn’t changed:

EBS #EPICvalues

In our EPIC values, these are expressed as Ethics: We do the right thing and do what we say. Passion: We enjoy what we do and have fun. Innovation: We are dynamic, creative and solve customers’ problems. Community: We give back to our team, customers and community.

Our refined ‘EPIC values’ were unveiled to the EBS team during our End of Financial Year Celebration, where we had commissioned graphic street artist, LING,  to work with us on a visualising these refreshed #EPICvalues –  in a creative and fun way.

In practical terms, at EBS, living into our values means that we do more than just profess them – we practice them. We walk our talk and we are clear about what we believe and hold essential. We take care that our intentions, words, thoughts and behaviours align with these beliefs.

For those that know us well – we consistently live into our values to ensure that our team, our customers and our community, all grow together to succeed.

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