RapidStart Services is a new feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. Using RapidStart will lower the cost of standard implementations, shorten deployment times, improve quality of implementation, introduce a repeatable approach to implementations, and enable productivity by automating and simplifying recurring tasks.

EBS has developed an easy to apply methodology, using RapidStart, that allows Microsoft Dynamics NAV to be implemented in just a few steps.

Step 1. RapidStart Services Wizard.

The RapidStart Wizard helps you create all the basic setups from only one screen.

A.Company Details

The first 3 steps are related to the company information (Company Details, Communication  and Contact details, Payment details). These answers will fill the standard Company Information table within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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B. Select Package

A package is a set of predefined tables containing default data. EBS has created packages with all the basic data essential to setup a new company (eg Post Codes, Number Series, Payment Terms).

This reduces the time of a standard implementation which also obviously reduces the investment required to enable clients to get up and running live.

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C. Apply Package

By applying the package, NAV will import all the data setup from the package selected and also fill the company information table with the required details you have entered.

D. Users/Users Personalization

From the RapidStart Services Wizard it is also possible to create the NAV users and setup their roles

E. Create Fiscal Year

To be able to enter transactions, you will need to create the fiscal year.

Step 2. Master Data Templates

Frequently, customers already have some data they want to use in the new company such as Customers, Items, Vendors & Chart Of Accounts.

EBS has created a set of Excel templates which are already formatted for direct import into Microsoft Dynamics NAV which our clients can use to import their master data files (eg. Customers, Vendors, Items, Chart Of Accounts) into the company database.

Step 3. Questionnaire

EBS & RapidStart Services also offer questionnaires which we work through with our clients to further tailor and personalise the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 database to our client’s requirements. The setup questionnaires reduce the implementation workload by providing more information about the fields to be set up. EBS will provide the customer a set of questionnaires in Excel that include easy questions in order to fill all the setup tables essential to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Once you have completed these easy 3 steps, you can then begin to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 for your business and away you go!

Benefits to using RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 for your implementation:

Reduced days to deploy

  • Fast time to value with higher quality
  • Fast deployment to multiple sites

Improved Quality

  • Benefit from industry best practices
  • Easy import of master data


  • Overview of the setup process and status
  • Transparency into setup process

Reduced cost

  • Better association of spend to high-value add partner services
  • Minimal training required for setup

Do you want to take advantage of the reduced cost of deployment and accelerated deployment time?

Contact EBS today on 1300 303 973 to learn how you can get your RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution up and running in no time and with better control over the process. (Available for both on premise and cloud installations of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.)

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