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EBS delivers an intuitive solution for
The State Sport Centres Trust

State Sport Centres Trust (SSCT) the statutory authority responsible for  managing major Victorian Government sporting facilities in Melbourne, has saved more than $20,000 a year in administrative overheads deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

SSCT manages state-of-the-art sporting facilities in Victoria including the Melbourne Sports & Aquatics Centre and Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park and the State Netball Hockey  Centre in Parkville. These premier multi-sport facilities, with about 400 employees, enables both individuals and sporting organisations to achieve peak performance, reach their  potential and deliver world-class events.

The challenge:

The challenges SSCT encountered with their existing software and processes. A major concern for SSCT was the limitations of their system capabilities, what it could do versus what they wanted their system to do. Mr. Ang shares the key pain points that motivated SSCT to search for a software solution where capabilities can be changed and modified accordingly. Apart from having an outdated unintuitive interface, reporting was also a nightmare for SSCT. With no flexibility and laborious activities, particularly exporting their month-by-month TB and running 12 different reports with erratic periods of downtime “The purchase order system was also a major pain point, with erratic periods of downtime stretching up to a week and over a period of six months,
the service provider and vendor of the system could not provide a solution.” Mr. Ang said.

Starting with a fresh system and a fresh team was both exciting and challenging in terms of workload but meant that we could build things the way we saw fit without being anchored by the past way of doing things.
David Ang, SSCT

The journey:  The search for the solution and the decision-making process

SSCT chose software solution specialists Evolution Business Systems (EBS) to deliver a Microsoft Dynamics NAV software solution, ticking SSCT’s boxes and delivering the benefits of a familiar Microsoft environment. Mr. Ang highlights SSTC’s reasons for choosing EBS. “It needed to simplify reporting and streamline processes by being intuitive. We liked what
Microsoft Dynamics NAV had to offer and given it was a Microsoft product, we knew it would operate similarly to our other Office products – and better yet, it would integrate and work well with those products. Particularly as we were users of Office 365 and this helped build out the ecosystem.” Mr. Ang elaborates further why SSCT preferred EBS to deploy their software upgrade over other competitors in the market. “The software solution in and of itself wasn’t the main selling point – we obviously found Dynamics NAV to be a compelling solution. However, we found the value in the EBS experience – they were the only company to really make an effort to come out and ask us pointed-questions in order to get a strong understanding of the scope required. This was reflected in their costing. From the get-go, EBS were responsive. Once they made contact, it wasn’t about making a sale, it was about providing us with comfort that we would be making the right choice and understanding exactly what our pain points were and demonstrating how those would be handled. We know sports facilities and we know accounting, but we needed a solution which provided us with a partnership to deliver the best accounting system for our needs. We don’t often get the opportunity to talk to Finance teams of other companies in the same space – so we really saw benefit to be able to deal with someone who does and was willing to share what they were hearing and delivering.” Said Mr. Ang.


“The feedback has been largely positive from the business. Within Finance, the response has been very positive. Moving from a system where we felt like everything was incredibly onerous, we feel like things are much more dynamic and flexible.”

The outcome: The results and benefits after implementation

SSCT upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and moved from on-premise hosting to EBS’s cloud platform Cloud Easy. SSCT have seen significant improvements across their processes, increasing efficiencies by reducing the number of steps in processes and overall daily operations. For example their purchase-to-pay process has decreased from 11 steps to 7 steps and going paperless has saved SSCT roughly seven hours per week, that annualises to roughly $10,000 p.a. Additionally, the interface for raising and approving purchase orders is much more intuitive, meaning that the business saves time on a day-to-day basis. Mr. Ang mentions additional improvements and benefits SSCT have seen since implementation. “Dealing with system issues and downtime is also a lot easier now, previously we were having to act as the middle man between our managed service provider and our accounting system provider. Now, EBS deals with any system issues which reduces the time required from Finance. It’s also better geared us with a mindset that we can continue to improve the way we do things, even if that requires enhancing the system.”


Mr. Ang also touches on the long-term impact of their NAV software upgrade and benefits from EBS’s expertise and services. “The implementation of NAV with EBS is really just the beginning. We’re looking to continuously enhance the solution to better suit our needs. By making the day-to-day tasks just a little bit easier or intuitive, we’re able to focus on other tasks which would normally not have had time to get to. By making these time savings and keeping the team size the same, we should be able to provide greater professional development opportunities for our staff – which is a greater focus for us now.”


“We valued EBS’ collaborative approach. Throughout the initial process, they
showed that they wanted to be our partners rather than just our suppliers.”

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State Sport Centres Trust (SSCT) the statutory authority responsible for managing state-of-the-art sporting facilities in Victoria. 
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