Jet Reports has recently released two new versions, Jet Essentials 2013 and Jet Express for NAV 2013. Jet Reports 2013 is much faster than previous versions and is fully supported with NAV 2013 R2. The Excel based reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes new features and improved performance.

In this blog post I will discuss some great new features now available in Jet Reports 2013.

The Table Builder

The Table Builder has been improved to work with “Universal” data source. This means that you can connect Jet to any SQL database, and create reports using SQL Views in addition to the table builder. Jet Reports can connect to any OLE/ODBC compliant data source.

The Table Builder lets you easily create excel tables using Excel’s powerful PivotTable and PivotChart functionality to create interactive reports.

This new version makes it easier to deploy to a large number of users. The Jet Configuration Service and Administration Console allows company administrators to configure and manage their Jet data source settings for all users in a single location. This enables easier maintenance and setting up of new users.

Now to get more technical.

A new “IncludeDuplicates=” keyword has been added to the NL(Table) query. This means when set to TRUE, it will return a row for every record in the base table.

In previous versions of Jet, it would only return unique values.

For example, querying the customer table for “City” and “State”, would only return 1 set of data, in other words it would ‘group’ the results.

Using this on ledger entries could cause an issue when there are multiple tranactions with the same account and date. Now, adding this IncludeDuplicates=True, eliminates this issue.


A nice new feature in Jet Reports 2013 is the ability to add Tooltips to the Report Options Window.

Tooltips are text boxes that appear when you hover over the value providing users with additional information about their options.

You can create a tooltip by entering “tooltip” in row 1 of the options panel. See the image below.

dan pic 1

Another feature that make life easier is the ability to hide tables with no records. It also shows the table number and number of records.

dan pic2

In the image below you can see the Customer table contains 1086 records.

dan pic3

By Daniel Argus, Senior ERP Consultant at Evolution Business Systems.

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