Jet Essentials 2015 Update 1, was released earlier this month. This blog gives an overview of some great new features in this release.

Jet Essentials 2015 provides improved reporting performance, especially when querying Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and 2015 data sources using NAV’s Web Services.

This improvement is obtained through the use of the new Table Cache feature.  Information about this feature can be found in the Jet Reports online knowledgebase.

Jet Essentials 2015 has also been specifically designed to be fully compatible with the new features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. Some of the key new features in Jet Essentials 2015 Update 1 are:

*Support for multi-tenancy with NAV 2013 through 2015
*A three-tier architecture for the NAV SQL Connector
*Tighter consolidation between Jet Essentials and the Jet Configuration Service – including automatic server-based license activation
*A simplified Jet ribbon
*Jet Essentials now support “Jet Express Mode” – providing an easier demo environment for partners and users.
*Jet Express can now be upgraded to Jet Essentials by simply obtaining a Jet Essentials activation code.

Additional Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Authorization Credential Type

With Jet Essentials 2015, Dynamics NAV 2015 users can use five different credential types to allow them to connect to their NAV 2015 data. These include Windows, User Name, NAV User Password, Access Control Service (ACS), and Office 365 (also known as OAuth) authentication.

This can be set on NAV 2015 data sources by selecting Data Source Settings > Authentication and selecting the desired credential type.

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Jet Remote Data Service (JRDS)

The Jet Remote Data Service (JRDS) data source presents a three-tier architectural design with a service component that is hosted within Internet Information Services (IIS).

It provides a fast, secure connection method for environments where Jet users have Excel installed locally and their Dynamics NAV system is hosted on a different domain (in the cloud).

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