Microsoft added a new feature in NAV called “Schedule” on the request page of reports.
We can schedule a report to run at a specific date and time. When we choose the “Schedule” action item, it creates a Job Queue and it is processed at the scheduled time.

This option is often found under the “Print” option or as a button before “OK” on the request page of a report. However, using the “Schedule” feature without correct filters can lead to chaos and grief within the organization, especially, when scheduling remittances and pay slips.

For instance, If the correct filters are not applied on the request page, “Scheduling” creates a job queue to process all the entries and we end up sending historical remittances or pay slips to our suppliers or employees respectively. Our previous case studies show that there have been instances where employees have received historical pay slip’s multiple times.

The side effects of running this function can lead to objectionable investigation internally and raise privacy/security questions. We highly recommend our clients to AVOID using “Schedule” feature without consulting with our EBS NAV experts.

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