Upgrading to the latest version of Jet Reports allows an organisation to utilise every new functions and features of the software.  It increases productivity and efficiency as the latest version implements the latest technology which lead to optimised performance.  Plus, it also helps ensures that the current version you are running is supported and incorporates all the fixes and improvements.

Before upgrading to the latest version of Jet Reports, we recommend that you check the following:

  • Record your organisation’s Activation Code. This information can be found by clicking the ‘App Settings’ in the Jet ribbon and selecting the License tab.  The format of the activation code would look something like this:  A123456-B123-C123-D123-E1234567890
  • Back up your existing Jet Data Source settings. The Jet Data Source settings can be exported by clicking ‘Data Source Settings’ in the Jet ribbon, click Export > Data Sources > select all the data source > hit Export and save the data source as a *.xml file.

This blog post shows how to upgrade the Jet Reports Excel add-in component only.  It is aimed for those users who run Jet Reports from a local user profile.   To check if you are running from a local user profile, open the App Settings > Settings Location and verify if the ‘Local user profile’ field is ticked.

Running the Jet Reports Upgrade

Once you have obtained and checked the above information, you are now ready to run the Jet Reports version upgrade as detailed in the steps below:

  1. Download the latest version of Jet Reports from this link – https://go.jetreports.com/jetreportsinstallnew.  Alternatively, if a new Jet Reports version is released, an ‘Update Available’ button will show in the Jet ribbon which will take you to download the latest version.
    Jet Reports upgrade
    Important:  In some cases, updates may be needed with the NAV / BC objects in order to run the latest version of Jet.  Please contact your NAV / BC support provider for assistance.
  2. Extract the Jet Setup.exe file from the downloaded zip file and run it.
  3. Select ‘Active Directory’ and hit Next.
  4. Select the ‘Client Components’ and ensure the Jet Excel Add-in is ticked. Hit Next.
  5. Enter your organisation’s Activation Code as noted above before upgrading.
  6. Select ‘We don’t use the Jet Hub’.
  7. The options below can be unchecked. Hit Install.
  8. After the installation is completed, click your Windows Start button and navigate to the Jet Reports folder and click ‘Enable Jet Add-in’.

That’s it!  You have now completed the Jet Reports version upgrade.

If you have any questions during the upgrade process, please contact our support team

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