This is a conceptual overview of the Service module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

The Service module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 is aimed at distributors or manufacturers who provide maintenance and repair services for their products. It supports service organisations’ internal service needs, including repair shop service and field service operations. It is also suitable to be used by service organisations that offer service on a contractual basis.

The Service module in Microsoft Dynamics helps organisation:
– establish long-term relationships with the customers
– improve the efficiency of service processes and placing tighter control on costs
– monitor the products’ reliability
– integrate the service and bookkeeping system in one database
– encourage individualized service for a broad and varied group of customers
– organize the resources for maximum efficiency

The Service module includes the following granules:

These granules provide tools to:
• Schedule service calls and set up service orders:

• Track repair parts and supplies:

• Assign service personnel based on skill and availability:

• Provide service estimates and service invoices:

• Standardise coding and set up contracts:

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