In this digital age, it still amazes me how almost everything has been developed and automated. From all the personal services that we need (groceries, online food deliveries, transportation), to corporate and sophisticated needs (business travel, financial reports, bookings and reservations), almost everything has been programmed.

As technology continues to improve, more automated products are being introduced. You may ask yourself, what are we supposed to do with the products we have already purchased and invested in? That’s when upgrades come into play. Lately, software engineers and developers have found good use of existing software, instead of releasing more products and bombarding consumers with options, they are enhancing the exiting versions with updates and additional features.

If you’ve experienced a financial management system or you’re currently using an ERP software for your business, the latest from Microsoft Dynamics family Dynamics 365 Business Central, is now one of the most powerful end-to-end system to upscale your game in the industry. I’m sure there are reasons why you should retain your current system, there are also many reasons why you should consider upgrading to Business Central. I have highlighted only a few key points to think about below when considering to upgrade.

Redundancy on Reporting Process
Are your employees always caught up in reporting? Do you have to always ask 3, 4, 5 days, or maybe weeks in advance just to see the current cash flow status of your business? This is understandable, especially if there’s probably a number of reports loaded in the system and none of them are useful. Some employees claim they have to export their reports in an editable file, then process it in days, before submitting it to their managers for review.

Dependency on Premise/Office Site to work
It’s been reported that 4.1% of Australia’s non-farm workforce work from home, especially on holidays. That’s 431,000 workers. But that number is increasing, and more employees are requesting to have a day or 2 of their weeks working outside of the office. This scenario cannot be possible if the office software is not accessible anywhere.

Access and Security
For the past year we have all at some stage received emails regarding our online accounts in different sites and notifying us of the organisations changes in their privacy terms and conditions of the sites. This is following the GDPR, which protects all our data being shared online. The best upgrades not only secures the data, but also provides options for clients to limit the access of users to multiple levels, without an added cost to development needed.

Good technology provides countless opportunities and endless capabilities for your business to take the next step. Business Central is one that provides efficient solutions and almost limitless options.

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