Saving your filters on the NAV Navigation Pane is easy with the “Save View As” function in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 to NAV 2017.

In this example, we will be using the Item List page as shown on the image below. As you can see the Item on the Item List Page shows all the items and has not been filtered. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 you can save the filters that you made on the List Page on the Navigation Pane.

First we need to filter the Item List page. To do this click on the Expand and Collapse button to show the Advance Filters and select the field you want to filter on. In the example below we will use the Item Category Code to filter as CHAIR.

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Second we will save the filters that we did on the first process by clicking on the Items and selecting the Save View As.  This will show the Save View As Window. On this window, we can assign the name of the list and the Activity Group where it will be saved on the navigation pane.

After assigning click on the OK button, a confirmation message will appear and your NAV will refresh on this process.

After saving you will now notice that there is a new list on the navigation pane as shown on the image below Before and After. The Items list on the Navigation Pane now has a sub list “Items – CHAIR” and when you click on the Items – CHAIR it will automatically show you the list of Items that is filtered by Item Category Code by CHAIR.

This will save you time by not repeatedly filtering the Item Category Code every time you open the Item List Page.

The Save View As function is not only limited to the Items List Page, you can also try this out on the other list pages such as the Vendor list and Customer List. This will also work on the Purchase Order List and Sales Order List.

The “Save View As” function in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is simple but very useful for everyday tasks.

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