In this blog, I will talk about the Order Promising feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how it can be easily configured to enable an organisation to promise a delivery of an order to a customer on a specific date.

The Order Promising feature saves the hassle of working out a delivery date when entering a sales order. At the same time it ensures accurate delivery information is passed on to the customer.

The Sales order promising is based on two key concepts:

Available to Promise (ATP) – Available to Promise functionality calculates dates based on item availability for the unreserved quantities i.e. available Inventory = inventory + expected receipts – gross requirement. If Item is available, Microsoft Dynamics NAV automatically calculates the delivery date for the sales order.

Capable to Promise (CTP) – Capable to Promise is used if an item is not in inventory and if no supply orders are scheduled. It uses “what if” approach to calculate the earliest date the item can be available.

To set up order promising:
> Go to ‘Order Promising Setup’ page and define the:
Offset (time)
Order Promising No.
Order Promising Template
Order Promising Worksheet.

> Update the Outbound Warehouse Handling time on the location card
> Update the ‘Check-Avail. Period Calc.’ and ‘Check Avail. Time Bucket’ fields on the company information
> Update the Shipping time on the shipping agent services
> Make the Item critical – go to the Item card, and tick the ‘Critical’ field. It specifies whether an item is included in availability calculations to promise a shipment date for its parent item.

To calculate an order promising date:
> go to the Sales Order and select the applicable line. On the Navigate tab, in the Plan group, choose Order Promising. The Order Promising Lines window opens.

> Select a line, and on the Navigate tab, in the Calculate group, select one of the following options:
Select Available-to-Promise
Select Capable-to-Promise

> Choose the Accept button to accept the earliest shipment date available.

The sales order line ‘shipment date’ will be updated.

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This blog was written by Elvin Narain, Solution Specialist at EBS. 


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