Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 offers great functionality that can help to make the users life better. This article outlines some simple tips and tricks that will improve your productivity in your everyday use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

1)     Sort by Columns

It is now possible to sort by any columns displayed on a page by clicking on the column header. It is also possible to sort by multiple columns by holding the SHIFT button while clicking on the column headers.

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Even the sub-pages (e.g. sales lines) can be sorted. This can be useful when you’ve got an order with hundreds of lines.

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2)      Sub-Page Filter

In the previous Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions, only the headers could be filtered. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 offers you the ability to filter the sub-pages as well.

Clicking on the filter button on the sub-page opens a new window where you can select the filters you want to apply to the sub-page.

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3)      Copy/Paste Rows

Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 now enables you to copy and paste entire rows.

This could be useful on a general journal where you need to have the same lines but with different dimensions.

Simply select the lines you want to copy, right click and select “Copy Rows”.

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Then, right click and select “Paste Rows”.

Once the lines are pasted, you can change the dimension on each new line.

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4)      Select All

Another functionality is the ability to click on the top left corner of a list to select all the lines. Like you would do it in Excel. This is really useful when you need to delete a journal with a lot of lines.

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