Following the Directions for Partners Conference in Asia in May, Katherine Potter shared a presentation at the EBS User Group on Jet and Excel reporting in Business Central (BC). Key points covered included:

Jet Reports

  • Performance Improvements: Jet has focused on improving the performance of their reports, with most reports now completing in less than 15 seconds. Users are advised to update to the latest version of Jet to benefit from these enhancements.
  • Top 5 Performance Tips: The top five tips for optimising Jet Report performance:
    1. Update to the latest version.
    2. Use the NP Eval function to bring data into the sheet.
    3. Use the NL function instead of the GL function for financial reports.
    4. Remove excess or broken named ranges.
    5. Remove links to files in Dropboxes, or use an Excel connector if data is frequently accessed from other Excel files.
  • Jet Pilot (AI Co-Pilot): Jet is introducing an AI co-pilot called Jet Pilot later this year. It will have three main features:
    1. Analysing data within reports.
    2. Suggesting reports based on user queries.
    3. Assisting in building reports based on user-defined criteria.

Business Central Excel Reporting

  • New Excel Reports: Eight new Excel reports are now available in preview mode in BC. These reports are designed to be more accessible to end-users.
  • Send to Excel Functionality: Users can now send data to Excel, creating a data contract with specific fields and sheets that cannot be edited. Users can create their own sheets and customise the layout, saving it for future use.
  • Advanced Features: Additional features, such as translations, API calls, and Power Query integration, are available for more technical users.
  • Data Contract: The data contract includes the sheet names and field names, which cannot be changed by the user. Modifying the data contract will break the Excel layout.
  • OneDrive and Power BI Integration: The demo environment showcases OneDrive integration for opening exported reports in a browser, as well as Power BI integration for calling Power BI apps within the Excel layout.

To see these new features and improvements in Jet and Excel reporting for Business Central in action watch the video below.

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