Entering multiple General Journal lines in Business Central is a time-consuming task.  However, you can take advantage of using the Excel functionalities to prepare journal lines, use it as a template, and load the data into Business Central. 

 There are two ways to efficiently load General Journal lines in Business Central:

  1. Using Configuration Packages – it allows importing journal lines from an Excel file into Business Central. 
  2. Copying from Excel and pasting to the journal lines – an Excel file can be used as a template to prepared journal lines and pasting the data to Business Central. 

Using Configuration Packages

1. Open the Configuration Packages page and hit New to create a configuration package for the General Journal. 

Importing Excel Journals in Business Central

2. Give the new configuration package a Code, Package Name, and Language ID. Under the Table ID, enter 81 which is the Gen. Journal Line table.

3. Click Tables > Fields to insert the General Journal line fields that needs to be loaded.

4. Export the Excel template file by click Excel > Export to Excel.

5. Prepare the General Journal line data in the Excel template file.

6. Import the Excel file by clicking Excel > Import from Excel file.

7. The Config. Package Import Preview page will pop out. Click Import.

8. Before finally loading the journal line data in the General Journal, click the No. of Package Records to preview the data and verify if the data sits in the right columns.

9. Click Functions > Apply Data.

10. That’s it!  Open the General Journal page to see the loaded journal line data that is ready for posting.

The Configuration Package is a very powerful data entry tool as it allows loading data from different tables in Business Central which means it can be used to imported Sales Order lines, Purchase Order lines, and even master data setups like Vendors, Customers, Items, etc. 

Copying from Excel and pasting to the journal lines

1. From an empty General Journal page, select the first row and press Ctrl+C to copy an empty journal line template.

2. Open Excel and hit Ctrl+V to paste the template data showing the General Journal line columns.

3. Prepare the journal data in the Excel template file. Then highlight the rows and press Ctrl+C to copy the data.

4. Open the General Journal page in Business Central, point the mouse cursor to the first column and row then hit Ctrl+V to paste the data from the Excel file.

The journal line data are now pasted instantly.

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