Cloud Easy is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV managed service by Evolution Business Systems (EBS) backed by Microsoft Azure cloud.

Cloud Easy is a leading cloud solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Australia for several years and the success of the service can be attributed to the power of Azure cloud services, combined with EBS’s expertise from simple, to highly complex NAV deployments. Below I have listed 10 reasons why Cloud Easy is one of the best available cloud services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Australia.

1. Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is a leading and most advanced cloud infrastructure platform for business today. It delivers a highly scalable infrastructure platform with Australian data centres in Melbourne and Sydney. Azure services used by the Cloud Easy platform are backed by 99.9% SLA’s by Microsoft.

2. Simple Predictable Pricing
Cloud Easy offers simple per user per month pricing that includes computing power, bandwidth, storage, backup, licenses, proactive monitoring and geo redundant storage for backups.

3. Access from anywhere
Your ERP is available to you anywhere in the world, anytime of the day. Cloud Easy supports all Dynamics NAV clients. This means you can access NAV anywhere, anytime, from your desktop (Windows Client), from a browser (Web Client) or from your iOS/Android/Windows based hand held devices.

4. 24/7 2nd line support times
You’re in safe hands, the support team at EBS are equipped with 24/7 direct access to top Dynamics NAV engineers, so premier support is always at hand. We also provide continuous monitoring of performance, issues or errors ensuring piece of mind.

5. Controlled infrastructure NAV upgrades
Microsoft Azure releases new infrastructure resources frequently. Our team of engineers evaluates the new options constantly and apply upgrades to our servers to improve user experience and data security. EBS recommends a deployment model where the customer may use the deployed build of a NAV version for as long as it is supported by Microsoft should they wish. This helps to ensure that all deployed customisations and integration points remain operational for the duration of the NAV lifecycle.

6. Data ownership
Companies that put their ERP in the cloud need to consider who else uses their data and for what reason. For example, some business software providers are entitled to use their customer’s data for marketing analysis and advertising purposes. EBS ensures that the customer always remains the owner of the data and no one else can have access to that. Refer to Microsoft Azure website to learn how Microsoft defines the data ownership for the infrastructure level and the attached SLA explains how your data is protected by the Australian law.

7. Database location
In which country is your data stored? Some datacentres allow that their governments may access customer’s data in certain circumstances, see the Patriot Act as an example. EBS ensures that NAV is installed on the Australian soil.

8. Data backups
NAV stores all client data in SQL Databases. For all SQL databases within the Cloud Easy environment we take full database backups weekly, differential database backups hourly, and transaction log backups every five minutes to protect your business from data loss. These backups are stored in geo-redundant storage for 35 days. This means we can restore the database for a client to any given time in the last 35 days. We can provide retention of backup for more than 35 days if required by the client for an additional cost.

9. End-of-contract data recovery
Should the customer change the ERP solution in the future, EBS provides customers with a latest backup of their database in the BACPAC format.

10. Pre-production environment
All Cloud Easy customers get a pre-production environment with their subscription. This is used for development, testing and review of the new functionalities and modifications before they are moved to live. On request, EBS can refresh the data in the pre-production database from live.