Are you a nontechnical person who wants to build applications for your business?
Look no further, have you heard Microsoft released ‘Microsoft PowerApps’?! The PowerApps platform allows different people (regardless of their technical prowess) to make dynamic custom web or mobile applications without any coding!

Microsoft PowerApps was first introduced in 2015 as an application builder that helps businesses/stakeholders provide solutions to their clients with rapid development without asking for complex process flow that involves the development team. Imagine, you can now create your own web or mobile application, without prior knowledge of coding. All thanks to PowerApps, a conveniently integrated application builder with its own products such as SharePoint, Excel and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

You will no longer need to tinker with anything as the configurations in PowerApps is designed to easily connect your custom application with your existing database. The best part, there’s no need to write a single code to create a working app, its’s already cloud and mobile ready!

How to create an app in PowerApps is easy as 1,2,3. There are templates already built that allow users to jump start their application development, from dashboards to sales order, the applications are limitless. Starting with PowerApps is much like opening a Microsoft PowerPoint. The screen options are displayed which can be the same as what you have in slides in PowerPoint (as you can see in the example image below).

From the screens, you choose your; buttons, design, style, etc. and then assign your workflow. From there you’re pretty much just storyboarding what your business process is and providing a simple logic flow on whatever application you want.

A snap shot of some of the functions and tools you can use in your apps allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and remain one step ahead – an example of some great uses can be seen in the example image  below as well as the ease of use and functionality to maintain your apps.

In summary, PowerApps is a very powerful tool that allows businesses to take advantage of tools allowing them to be competitive in their market place with rapid deployment and flexibility. With easy to use templates and functionality, even a person without knowledge on technical coding can do their own custom application for their client.

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