NAV has an indicator to help users identify which company and database you are working on. This is called the system indicator which has configurable settings. In the Role Center page, the company is displayed in the address bar and in the status bar. However if the user opens a new window, there would be no address bar and status bar to display the company and therefore the system indicator comes handy.

This is useful for:

1. Users working on multiple companies or entities
2. Users who work on multiple database environment (Test, Live and Development Database)

The System Indicator functionality can be configured from the Company Information page in NAV in System Indicator Fast Tab.

These are the field options you can setup:

Step 1. System Indicator
In the System Indicator field, select from one of the following options:

Option Description
None Company will not be displayed as system indicator anywhere in NAV windows. This is not suggested unless otherwise required.
Custom Text This will make the field System Indicator Text to be editable and user can update with customized Company name.
Company Information This will show the text in the Name field from the General FastTab of the Company Information page.
Company This will show the name of the company as it appears in the Companies page or from the Open Company window
Database This will show the middle-tier host name and database name
Company + Database This will show the company name, the middle-tier host name, and the database name

Step 2. System Indicator Style 
This field option gives the user choices to add color accent to the system indicator. The accent will highlight the company name with a selected color as shown below:

There are ten accents to choose from:
1. Standard: No Color
2. Accent 1: Red
3. Accent 2: Blue
4. Accent 3: Fluorescent Green
5. Accent 4: Olive Green
6. Accent 5: Purple
7. Accent 6: Black
8. Accent 7: Yellow
9. Accent 8: Green
10. Accent 9: White

Step 3. System Indicator Text
This field will function depending on the option selected in the System Indicator field. If Custom Text is selected, the field becomes editable and user can enter desired Company Name


  • The NAV windows client needs to be restarted for the changes in system indicator to take effect on next logon. Users can either use Select Server or Select Company to refresh the settings.
  • The changes in system indicator will also take effect to other users when they logon.
  • System Indicators are only available with the NAV Client on Windows. The Nav on Web Client, Tablet and Phone app are not supported.

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