In older versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, developers need to customize MS Dynamics NAV to disable posting of negative inventory, but when NAV2013R2 was released, Microsoft started to offer this feature as standard and adopted this update unto the latest version.

The user can now set this up so the outbound posting which brings inventory below zero is blocked. This can be setup per item and also applicable for all items. The user can put a check mark in “Prevent Negative Inventory” field, which specifies if you can post transactions that will bring inventory levels below zero.

To do this, open Inventory setup and set “Prevent Negative Inventory” to “True” as shown in the picture below.

The selection that the user makes in this field indicates the value in the “Prevent Negative Inventory” field on individual item cards. The values will be either Default (Yes) or Default (No), which you can change.

The user can check the Value in the Item Card as shown on the picture below. If you want to allow an item to post “Negative Inventory” then set “No” on this field for that item.

Once the user is done setting this up and tries to post an Item that has insufficient inventory, the user will encounter an error message because the system will not allow to Post Negative Inventory as shown on the picture below.

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