Word Report Layouts were introduced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. NAV 2017 takes that concept forward and allows you to use word layouts as cover letters.

This post will walk you through the process to assign a word layout to a specific customer for emails, whenever we send an invoice as an email to that customer.

To learn how to create word layouts and use word to add data elements to the layouts, follow this EBS blog post – 5 steps to convert your existing word layouts to dynamics NAV 2015 reports – /blog/5-steps-to-convert-your-existing-word-layouts-to-dynamics-nav-2015-reports

On the customer card in NAV click Navigate -> Document Layouts

On the document layout screen, select Invoice under usage, and select 1306 under Report ID. As we want to use this layout as cover letter, check Use for Email Body and then under Email Body select Red – Email Body under Email Body Layout Description.

As we are using an existing word layout, that’s all we need to do. In the real world, you would be creating a custom layout and use that. Keep in mind that this is a cover letter for this customer only. Now let’s see if the layout is actually doing what we expect it to do.

Go to posted sales invoice and find an invoice for this customer. And click the Send.. button on the ribbon.

On the options windows, under Email, select Yes (Prompt for Settings). This would show us the layout before the email is sent, so we can see if the layout is actually applied as expected.

This would open the following windows. As you can see the email body is created based on the word layout we selected.

If you wish to change something in the cover letter before sending the email, you can choose to Edit in Outlook which would open this email in outlook and then you can send it through your outlook account.

Also if you don’t want to use the layout at all for this email, you can choose Custom Message under Message Content and that would let you type the content in this window it self.

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