Evolution Business Systems launched its Cloud Easy platform in Australia in 2014 and has become the leading platform for Microsoft Dynamics NAV since then. It has powered the day to day operations of several NFPs and commercial organisations for several years and have become one of the best platform for Dynamics NAV Hosting.

The following are some of the highlights of the platform and what it has to offer.

Backed by Microsoft Azure
Cloud Easy leverages the power of Microsoft Azure cloud which is trusted by millions of users across the world. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has special support for Azure services like SQL Service as a service, high performance virtual machines and industry leading encryption technologies. Cloud Easy leverages all these features to make sure our customers get the best experience possible with highest level of cloud security and mobility.

Cloud Easy also deployed all its loads on the Australian data centres so your data never leaves the Australian soil and completely governed by Australian laws.

Managed by Experts
Cloud Easy is a 100% managed service. Evolution Business Systems has a team of expert cloud and Dynamics NAV engineers who have employed industry best practices combined with their years of experience with the underlying technologies to design a cloud solution that is most suited to run Dynamics NAV in the cloud and delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

Security and Reliability
Security is of paramount importance when it comes to cloud computing. Azure is the industry leading cloud provider in terms of security and compliance certifications. In addition to operational security the platform is backed with frequent database backups, geo redundant storage and efficient disaster recovery setup.

High Availability and Mobility
Cloud Easy is an extremely reliable cloud service backed by 99.9% availability SLAs from Microsoft Azure. Your software is always available and accessible as long as the users have an internet connection. Microsoft NAV supports desktop, web and mobile devices to enhance your experience and mobility of your financial system.

Cost Effective
One of the most significant cloud easy benefit is the IT cost savings. With our cloud platform, you can save substantial capital costs with no on-premise server, storage and application requirements. No on-premises infrastructure also means no associated operational and administrative costs.

Cloud Easy offers an affordable per user per month price structure covering all aspects Dynamics NAV infrastructure from hardware and operating system to software licenses. This enables businesses to predict exact cost of running the software with no unforeseen surprises.

Flexible and Scalable
Each business is different and so are their software needs. Cloud Easy platform is designed for all sizes of business and is designed with flexibility in mind and the fact that business requirements can grow or shrink with time. We analyse your usage continuously and allocate resource as required and do so in a manner that is most cost effective for you. Because of these flexibility Cloud Easy handles implementations from the simple financial sites generating a small number of transactions to very busy warehousing and manufacturing sites generating millions of transactions. And as each client is isolated they only pay for the performance tier they are on.

Integration Ready
Cloud Easy supports effortless application integration with other Microsoft technologies (Office 365, Power BI, Dynamics 365 etc.) as well as any other application your organisation uses (e.g. Jet, tableau, Sales force etc.) whether the application is deployed on a cloud platform or on an on-premise server. We offer secure connections to your NAV data through XML/JSON web services and secure SQL connections directly to your underlying database. We can also work with you to enable data integration with your custom software if the application provides access points to the data in one way or the other.

24/7 Platform Support
Cloud Easy is backed by 24/7 technical support to ensure that your application is always available, and any issues are addressed as soon as possible. Our support is also backed by several automated tools we have written to monitor the health of the system and raise alerts if anything needs attention. This helps us rectify most issues proactively and before they cause any disruptions to your business.

Data Ownership
EBS ensures that the you remain the owner of the data and no one else can have access to that. Microsoft Azure website has details of how Microsoft defines the data ownership for the infrastructure and the how your data is protected by the Australian law.

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