There’s a lot happening with Jet Reports heading into 2019, with product line-up name changes and all new enhancements now available. In this blog I will be highlighting some of the key changes to Jet Reports.

Product Line-Up Name Changes

Jet has simplified their product naming of each of the offerings but have not reduced any service or functionally.
• Jet Professional becomes Jet Reports
• Jet Enterprise becomes Jet Analytics
• Jet Express for Excel becomes Jet Basics
• The Jet Web Portal becomes Jet Hub
• New Product is Jet Budgets

What’s new and enhanced?

Jet Reports

Jet Reports 2019 is now available for download, below I have listed some key release highlights:

  • Business Central Integration
    Jet Reports users can connect to the Business Central database using all the features they are used to using.
  • Performance Improvements
    A design inmprovement offers performance boost to ensure reports run up to 5 times faster.
  • Updated Report Wizard
    An update wizard features improved navigation; favourites; review and finish buttons; text filters.
  • Updated Jet Hub
    A new look and feel with a new feature called App Switcher allowing quick navigation between applications in the Hub.
  • Update Notifications
    Lets users know when new versions are available through push notifications or via an option on the Jet toolbar.
  • Usability Improvements – + Values
    A highly requested item; +Values will be automatically added to cell A1 with Auto+Hide.

Jet Analytics

Jet Analytics 2019 is now available for download, I have listed a number of key release highlights below.

  • Business Central Integration
    Connect to Business Central with a connector available in CubeStore.
  • Conditional Lookup, Performance and Usability Improvements
    Several improvements and new features are available including:
    • When dragging and dropping fields, a new easy-to-use dialog for adding relations is shown, displaying existing relations with a tooltip, possiblity of extending an existing relation, or adding a new default relation or non-default relation.
    • In the Add/Edit Lookup Field dialog, you can now select which operator you want to “Set as Default”.
    • Copying Lookup Fields within the same table via drag and drop (the right mouse button also offers two options: add or replace).
    • History tables have been optimised and work significantly faster.
    • Automatic renaming (after confirmation) of lookup fields and conditional lookup fields when the lookup data field is changed.

Jet Hub

Jet Hub 2019 is now available for download, some key release highlights are below.

  • Usability Improvements
    Changes include:
    • New login and welcome page
    • Add/edit user email addresses
    • App switcher

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