Hands up if you’ve experienced the headache of payroll? With a myriad of complexities, tax implications and ensure that you have correctly classified workers as employees or contractors under their correct award. It can be a nightmare without the right tools, here’s a list of ten advanced features to make payroll easy.

Enter Payroll Easy is a flexible payroll and time & attendance solution. Cloud-based, simple and easy to use – it removes the payroll headache to give you back more hours in your day. Let’s see how.

1. Direct link with the ATO

The ATO Cloud software authentication and authorisation (CAA) initiative is changing the way payroll clients lodge forms. Tax file declarations and payment summaries can be lodged electronically.

2. Single Touch Payroll (STP) Compliance

Payroll Easy is compliant for single touch payroll (STP). Pay events can easily be lodged after each pay run and payroll data is automatically sent to the ATO. Reporting errors are minimised as there is no need to export data or for manual data handling. End of financial year reporting is also simplified through the creation of a ‘Finalisation Event’ using the STP EOFY Wizard. The tax tables for the new financial year are automatically loaded. Job done.

3. Direct Super integration

Integration with Beam clearing house allows you to make automated super payments directly from payroll. Allowing for fast and efficient payroll processing with validation checks and three payment methods available (EFT, Direct Debit and BPAY). The system will also automatically update the Super Guarantee Rates as they gradually increase to 12% by 2025.

4. Employee Self Service Portal

The Employee Self Service Portal allows your employees to manage their data, so you don’t have to! Employees can view leave balances, apply for leave, access their payslips, update their details and enter timesheets and reimbursements.

5. WorkZone App

Give employees access on the go. Not all employees have easy access to desks, so give them options to access and manage their information using the WorkZone app. An extension of the Employee Self Service portal, employees can submit leave requests, be notified when leave is approved, submit expenses, update their personal details and view and download payslips and payment summaries. The app can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a smartphone and is free to download on iOS and Android.

The Workzone app give employees access to Payroll Easy from anywhere

6. Pre-built Awards

Payroll Easy has many preconfigured modern awards which can be installed and implemented.  Once installed, you will receive a new set of pay categories, leave categories, work types, rule sets, pay rate templates, leave allowance templates, expense categories and employment agreements. The system will also notify you when there are updates available to the awards.
The leave calendar function is designed to make it easier to visually manage leave requests. Employees can be grouped by their locations and colours distinguish leave types. Public Holidays are also integrated and can easily be loaded for any state.

Employees can manage their own leave in Payroll Easy

You can also easily filter the leave requests to find what you’re looking for:

Allow employees to manage their own data in Payroll Easy

7. Improved Searching

Advanced searching lets you search dynamically across multiple businesses, making it simple to manage multiple payrolls.

8. Rostering

Payroll Easy allows for rosters to be easily managed.
• Shifts can be created and assigned to employees who can receive email/SMS notifications.
• Once published, a nicely formatted roster can be printed for display in the workplace.
• Timesheets can be generated based on the rostered shifts.
• Employee can set their unavailability (if you allow them).
• Award rules and a pay conditions engine (eg. Shift allowances) can assist in managing costs. As a manager, you can receive budget notifications when creating shifts.

9. ClockMeIn App

The ClockMeIn iPad app can be used by employees to clock on and off when they start and end their shifts. The app is designed for both employees and managers to use and has the following features:
• Take employee photos and geo-location on clock event
• Review shift timeline to see real-time staff clock activities.
• Employees initiate clock events with a 4 digit pin.
• Managers can quickly add new employees to get them up and running quickly.
• Seamless integration with Payroll Easy.

10. Journal Service

A journal can be submitted directly to your ERP system, with a custom chart of accounts able to be defined and assigned to pay categories. With a click of the button, a general journal can be created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or 365 Business Central, along with any dimensions for reporting analysis.

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